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The Betomix range is a modular building set system that meets versatile customer wishes with regard to design and equipment. The latest Liebherr mixing systems enable quality concrete to be produced economically.

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11 Essential Rooftop Garden Tips and

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Which Plants Would Benefit Most From a Rooftop Garden?

2019/08/24 · Before you can start on your rooftop garden, you might need a few tips on what kind of plant is best suited for such a place. Rooftop Plant Guidelines First things first, it’s good to keep in mind that with the proper container, you

Evaluation of Growth and Green Coverage of Ten

a 6–8 C lower temperature of soil surface than that of th e concrete rooftop during su mmer nights. We concluded that rooftop greening has a significant effect on cooling a building and saving energy for air-conditioning in summer. ...

How Concrete Roofs Work

Today, modern concrete technology allows average homeowners the opportunity to strengthen their roofs with stone, yet without abandoning traditional roofing styles. In this article, we'll look at the way we've beefed up both branches of roofing with concrete roofs and concrete roofing tiles.

Roof Garden Design - How To Build A Rooftop Garden

Rooftop gardens also make good use of frequently unused and wasted space. There are, however, a few things to keep in mind when creating a rooftop garden. How to Make a Rooftop Garden. First of all, find out how local ordinances, rental property rules or home owner association regulations view a rooftop garden. Rooftop gardens may be prohibited ...

How to Build a Flat Concrete Roof

One of the most crucial step in building a flat concrete roof is to figure out the size of the concrete block you will need. The blocks come in several sizes, but this guide will assume you are using a 16 3/4 inch wide concrete slab. Step 3 – Placing the Steel Joists. The steel joists will provide a strong foundation for the flat concrete ...

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How To Find The Right Concrete Mix

With so many types of concrete, it’s important to know what mix you need to make your project a success.Whether you are setting a fence post or pouring your own driveway, this guide will help you understand the difference between mixes so you can be sure to choose the right type for your project.

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Tips on Concrete Cleaning

I have a concrete patio and used a plant food called Bloom Booster when watering the planters on the patio. The next day, I noticed everywhere water ran out of the planters, it stained the concrete. I have tried scrubbing with a brush attached to a power-scrub setting on my hose.

How to Build a Terrace Garden : Rooftop Garden Ideas

2019/05/14 · Learn how to build a terrace garden and terraced vegetable garden which you can build on roof-top, terrace and balcony. People living in cities and apartments can grow their own vegetables, herbs, flowers and fruits on the ...

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Hoy sabremos porque duelen y se hinchan los pies despues de una operacion y que tratamientos y cuidados debemos tener. Los tobillos y las piernas son sitios comunes de hinchazón debido al efecto de la gravedad en los fluidos de su cuerpo. Sin embargo, la retención de líquidos no es la única causa de una hinchazón en el tobillo o la pierna.

Heat Tolerant Flowers for Containers

2019/12/06 · If you're searching for the best flowers for full sun then see our list of heat tolerant flowers. You can also grow them in containers. The spectacular display of large and fragrant pure white flowers that resembles morning ...

34 Best Concrete Planter Boxes images

Large backyard landscaping ideas are quite many. However, for you to achieve the best landscaping for a large backyard you need to have a good design. Concrete Planter Boxes Concrete Planter Boxes Design 2 Diy Pinterest Planter Box See more

Gardening on Concrete With Raised Beds and Patio Containers

Apr 21, 2017 · Ensure plants receive at least eight hours of full sun. Plant smaller varieties in a 2-gallon pot. Larger varieties will need a 5- or 10-gallon pot. Beans: Plant bush beans in planters or pots with full sun. Pole beans are good container companions for shorter plants providing trellises or stakes train the vines up and away.

75 Inspiring Rooftop Terrace Design Ideas

2017/02/20 · This modern rooftop terrace is a real refuge in the heart of the city where owners could relax in. Btw, it features a small yet amazing garden. 7 of 75 Built-in benches and planters make a terrace look modern and stylish. 8 of 75 9 ...

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How Should I Plant in a Container with No Drainage Holes?

You are wise to be aware that lack of drainage is harmful to most plants in containers. You have several options. If you don't want to make holes in the washtub, you can plant a slightly smaller container with your flowers and insert the pot inside the washtub, first ...

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Jan 12, 2011 · Sin embargo, en Freinet consideran que el entrenamiento que poseen en este último rubro es muy básico, por lo que como parte de sus servicios adicionales cuentan con una licenciada en terapia ...

Watco Plant Room Coating

Water or chemicals from a burst pipe or leaking tank could cause damage if it seeps through joints or cracks to rooms beneath. Watco Plant Room Coating is a high build, matt, lightly textured coating which provides seamless, flexible protection, filling and bridging joints and cracks. Recommended areas of use. Plant rooms

home - Prevent concrete roof from absorbing too much heat

I live in India where most of the building roofs are made of concrete. In summer during night, the roof emits too much of heat that were absorbed during day time. I was aware of the options like having good ventilation, insulation, trees etc. But I want to be very specific with concrete roof top. The inside roof is painted with white cement.

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Top 10 Plants for a Living Roof

Jul 16, 2016 · 10 Great plants for a living green roof lead 1 of 16. Rooftop gardens keep your abode cool in summer, add a layer of insulation in winter and create funky, fragrant, butterfly- and hummingbird ...

Green Roof Construction-Structural Considerations

The plant palette is significantly expanded by increasing the growth media depth. As increased depth results in increased weight, there are often trade offs that balance structural cost with plant selection. Once the dead load of the green roof has been determined, a new structure can be designed with the required capacity.

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15 Best Plants and Trees for Rooftop Gardening

A deciduous shrub with a funky common name -- Harry Lauder's walking stick -- Corylus avellana 'Contorta' twists itself into seemingly unfathomable shapes that are good sculptural plant accents to a rooftop garden. The heart-shape foliage on the shrub or small tree, which can reach 10 feet tall and is hardy in Zones 4-8, is interesting, too.

Container Gardening with Vegetables: Getting Started

Container gardening is an easy way to grow vegetables, especially when you lack yard space! If you have a small garden or simply a patio, balcony, or rooftop, explore the magical world of gardening in pots!

Top 5 Archives

My rooftop Garden My rooftop Garden. Navigation. ... Top Rooftop Gardens and Urban farms in NYC to Relax. World’s most dense city with concrete jungle all around it. … Read More. Rooftop garden in nyc Urban farms in NYC. 5 Plants that Help you Sleep Like Never Before. We have covered the topic on those plants that can … Read More. good ...

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Experience the diversity and capability of the horizontal mixing plants from the Betomix range by Liebherr. View the video
The video demonstrates the diversity and capability of the horizontal mixing plants from the Betomix range by Liebherr.


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Flexible, mobile mixing plants are required particularly for temporary use on site. The Liebherr Mobilmix saves time and costs when transporting. Mobilmix

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